Medicareful Living Family Cookbook

Not only does the Medicareful Living Family Cookbook have some of our favorite recipes, but also ones that have inspired our writer from their own family history. Whether you're looking to make a fresh loaf of bread or an easy appetizer, the Family Cookbook has recipes that have stood the tests of time and countless family meals — perhaps the most challenging scrutiny of all!

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What's Inside the Medicareful Living Family Cookbook?

Our Family Cookbook is a collection of the recipes that helped shape Medicareful Living's Diet section. These dishes are the inspiration and spark for the lifelong exploration of food, both in a way to fuel our bodies and our communities. In this cookbook, you'll find some of our favorite recipes that we make in our own kitchens. Others are recipes we've picked up from friends who have influenced us. But the majority of this cookbook contains the family recipes that have made up the backbone of family dinners and holidays. That includes recipes that have been in our writer's family for generations.

Want an incredible, five-course meal made with only recipes found in this cookbook? Start with our author's traditional holiday stuffed artichokes and a salad with the bright and vibrant Flavia dressing, shortly followed by Grandma Josephine's manicotti. Of course, you'll want to save room for a decadent coq au vin for an entrée before ending the meal with the richest brownies you'll ever try for dessert. With more than 1,500 meal combinations, this is only a taste of what you'll be able to experiment with. So, download our cookbook and join the Medicareful Living family today!

What is Medicareful Living?

Medicareful Living is a health and wellness website focused on helping our readers get the most out of their lives. Whether that's discovering a new recipe, exploring ways to achieve fitness goals, or answering Medicare questions — we want to share information on what interests people most. Each week, we publish new articles and videos, and we're always looking for ways to do more for our readers. Our digital cookbook is our biggest endeavor yet, so we're excited to share it with you!

Medicare Living Cookbook Recipes

What's Inside?

Prefer to watch cooking or baking videos instead of reading recipes? We're happy to oblige! Watch our content creator, Jeff, walk you through several of our favorite recipes step by step. Once you've seen how it's done, don't forget to download the cookbook for free and try it for yourself!

Download this Cookbook today to learn all about:

  • The recipe that started our writer's lifelong love of food
  • The first in-house recipe that made us stop and go "WOW"
  • A fresh pasta recipe straight from Italy
  • The best way to reuse leftover mashed potatoes
  • And more!