Does Medicare Cover Long-Term Care?

At some point in your life, you may need some form of long-term care, or non-medical personal care. Does Medicare cover long-term care, and if not, what are your options?

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Drinking Vinegar May Actually Be Good for You

One of the biggest trends recently has been drinking apple cider vinegar. Why would anyone do that? You’d be surprised at the answer.

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Is Coffee Really Healthy for You?

The coffee debate has been raging for decades. Is it healthy? Can it lead to cancer? After a flurry of studies, we’re learning that your morning cup of coffee could be one of the healthiest choices you make today.

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Is PACE the Health Care Option for Me?

PACE is a program for seniors who have health care needs, but still want the freedom and independence of living at home. In many ways, it helps bring coordinated care to you.

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What is Original Medicare? | Medicare Basics

Discover Original Medicare. Watch to find out more about Medicare Parts A and B, including the benefits of each part and how enrollment works.

Beginners’ Tips for Your First Garden

If you’ve ever wanted to try gardening, you may know it can be difficult to get started. With these tips, you’ll have a thriving garden in no time!

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What is Medicare Advantage? | Medicare Basics

Learn more about Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C. We unpack what you need to know about this popular alternative to Original Medicare.

What is Medicare? | Medicare Basics

Understanding Medicare benefits should be simple. We break down the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, so you can spend less time figuring it out, and more time on what really matters.

5 Common Kitchen Mistakes Making You Sick

If your kitchen cleaning habits consist of wiping down the counters and cleaning the dishes, it may not be enough. There are a few common kitchen habits we all do or forget to do that can make you sick!

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What is Medicare SELECT?

You can find a Medicare Supplement that will cover the costs that Original Medicare won’t. But what if this is too expensive? What is Medicare SELECT, and how can these plans help?

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Natural Ways to Relieve a Headache

A bad headache can ruin your day, and medication may not always be available to help get rid of it. Here are a few ways to relieve the pain and reclaim your day.

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Why Sugar, Not Fat, Is the Enemy of Your Diet

For decades, fat has been the ultimate enemy of a healthy diet. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s called fat! But now research is beginning to change that belief and pointing the fatty-finger at sugar.

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Just like you, your health is one of a kind. What works for one person may not for another, so the information in these articles should not take the place of an expert opinion. Before making significant lifestyle or diet changes, please consult your primary care physician or nutritionist. Your doctor will know your own health best.

Medicareful Living: For a Healthy, Full Life

Medicareful Living focuses on not just managing your health, but improving your life. This is possible when you find the right Medicare option for you and your family.