We launched Medicareful Living in 2017 as the lifestyle blog associated with Medicareful, a Medicare plan finder tool that helps seniors and Medicare beneficiaries find Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Supplement plans in their area. More importantly, we created Medicareful Living as a way to help seniors not just enjoy their golden years, but also thrive in them.

What is Medicareful Living?

When you reach Medicare-age, it becomes more important than ever to take care of yourself. We fully believe our site and blog is a great resource for seniors looking to maintain a healthy, happy life. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to improve your health or healthy recipes, we’ve got you covered. We’re also an excellent source for all things Medicare, including information on the different products out there and how your coverage may work. If you’re looking to read a bit less and watch a bit more, our videos offer highlights of our articles and are quick and easy to view! And, that’s only a small sampling of what we offer to our readers!

More than anything, you can expect high-quality information and service from Medicareful Living. When you read an article on Medicareful Living or watch one of our videos, you can trust that you’re getting the facts and correct information — whether it’s about a form of Medicare coverage or a recently published study. When you interact with us, you can expect a friendly, helpful response from our dedicated team of experts. Our number one goal is to ensure that, when you visit Medicareful Living, you have an enriching experience.

What Does Medicareful Living Cover?

Medicareful Living focuses on providing information that falls into four different categories: lifestyle, diet, health, and Medicare. Each week, we publish new articles and highlight a couple of older (but still relevant) ones that have been updated for accuracy and paired with a Medicareful Shorts video. If you miss an article or would prefer for the information to be sent to you, we’ve created a weekly newsletter that delivers the previous week’s articles right to your email inbox! You can sign up to receive the newsletter by simply filling out the form on this page.

Let’s talk a little bit more about each of our categories and the type of information we cover in them.


Our lifestyle articles cover topics ranging from ways to get out and meet new friends to vacation and travel ideas. This is also the section in which we’ll discuss different holidays and the traditions surrounding them, like Halloween and trick-or-treating and Christmas and decorating the house. In the past, we’ve also published articles about retirement — preparing for retirement or funding it. Additionally, we’ve included posts about important topics like financial literacy and home safety.

As you can see, our Lifestyle category is something of our catch-all category for posts relevant to seniors. It’s one of the categories we have the most fun with, since there’s so much to explore and write about. Whether it’s an article about some of our favorite horror movies around Halloween, our favorite Christmas songs, or seniors who go above and beyond for their friends, businesses, or communities — our lifestyle section includes it.


The Diet section on Medicareful Living is fun for an entirely different reason. Who doesn’t love food? We love writing about it, especially when we get to test new recipes that are delicious and healthy! (You can tell which articles have recipes in them by the green RECIPE tag on the Diet category page.)

In the Diet category, we have recipes that take classic comfort food dishes and make them healthier, recipes with healthy hacks for some of our favorite snacks, recipes that use superfoods, and recipes that teach classic cooking skills for beginners. We even recently started publishing recipes for dishes that have that “wow” factor, like our scratch-made Lobster Ravioli.

The articles in this section aren’t only about recipes and cooking, though. At the same time, we publish new diet-related ideas, like fads, diets, and health trends. If a certain dieting topic is in the news, we’ll investigate it and give our honest opinion based on the evidence. Other times, we’ll report on the health benefits of different foods, ways you can change your diet to help with weight loss, and other food-related health topics.


Medicareful Living’s health articles, like its lifestyle articles, cover a wide range of topics. In some cases, we’ll explain the basics of health, like in our post on understanding your blood pressure. Dealing with weight gain and information on how to help you losing weight are also popular topics. For example, under Health, you can learn more about creating a weight loss plan or YouTube fitness channels that can help you lose those pounds. If you’re concerned about common habits that may be unhealthy or things that can make you sick, the Health section can keep you informed about those topics, too.

Perhaps the most common type of article we publish in our Health section are ones that cover common hobbies and their health benefits. These posts cover senior-friendly hobbies that are not only fun, but are also very healthy for you. Whether it’s reading or going for a jog; maintaining or taking up new hobbies can help keep you fit and mentally sharp throughout your senior years.


Since Medicareful is in our site’s name, it should make sense that we discuss Medicare-related topics as well. A major benefit of learning about Medicare through Medicareful Living is that we’ve gone to great efforts to make our Medicare articles as easy to understand as possible and quick to read. We get it — Medicare and health care information can be tough to understand. Knowing this, we’ve broken down Medicare into short articles on the different parts of Medicare, provided a glossary of Medicare terms, and even explained the history of Medicare (for our history buffs)!

Once you’re ready for more in-depth Medicare topics, we have articles ready for you. Want to know about MACRA and how it changes Medicare? How about the difference between a MOOP and TrOOP limit? You could also understand how Medicare’s prices change each year or what an ombudsman is. If these topics seem scary or intimidating, don’t worry! After a quick read-through of the posts in the Medicare section, you’ll be as familiar with them as we are!

Medicare Basics and Medicareful Shorts

If you’re in a hurry or just would rather watch a video than read an article, you can still get the most important details via our Medicareful Living videos. In order give you as many ways as possible to enjoy our content, we’ve created videos called “Medicareful Shorts” that are available both on YouTube and the Video section of Medicareful Living. These are quick, one-minute to one-and-a-half-minute videos that summarize a Medicareful Living article. They’re meant to give you the main points and facts quickly. If you find you’re interested in learning more about what a video covers, you can read the full article on our site.

For a more polished look at Medicare topics, check out our Medicare Basics video series, also available on YouTube and in the Video section of Medicareful Living. A bit longer than Medicareful Shorts, Medicare Basics videos are between two and three minutes and cover some of the principle details of Medicare, like costs or functions of the different Medicare costs. We provide all of this information for free in the hopes of helping you understand your Medicare coverage as fully as possible!

● ● ●

Ultimately, one of the primary goals of Medicareful Living is to help you maximize your retirement and senior years. Medicareful Living is meant to facilitate conversation between our team and you, our readers. If there is ever a topic you’re curious about or want us to cover, or questions you want answered, then please don’t hesitate to let us know! Simply contact us at living@medicareful.com or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll be happy to keep the conversation going with you!

Thank you for joining us as we explore ways to be happier and healthier together. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and watching our videos, as much as we enjoy writing and producing them!